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Rental - Agency fees

Agency fees are paid by the tenant.


LD Home is the first agency in Luxembourg who have proposed lower renting commissions based on the duration stay for the rooms.
Reduced agency fees for short stays are defined below to private customers:
  • For a stay shorter than 6 months: €750 taxes included
  • For a stay longer than 6 months: 1 month rent + VAT
Companies are billed 1 month rent charges excluded + VAT regardless of the lease term.

Studios / Apartments / Houses / Offices

  • 1 month rent charges excluded + VAT

Parkings / Garages / Cellars / Caves

  • 2 months rent charges excluded + VAT


*Agency working hours:

Monday to Friday from 9am to 6pm.

Outside of working hours, any displacement will be charged €80 charges excluded per hour.
Sundays and holidays are charged at €120 charges excluded per hour, except for contracts starting on a Sunday.

*See conditions in agency