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Sell your property

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Sell your property

You are owner in Luxembourg or in the Grande RĂ©gion. You plan to sale? Trust a professional to manage the deal. Your home can be the perfect choice for one of our customers.

Why trust us ?

  • Free estimation of your property
  • Virtual tour and high quality pictures
  • Best practices in home-staging
  • Activation of our network
  • A total support and administrative follow-up until the signature of the lease or the deed

If you don't have time to buy, you probably don't have time to sell !

We think about customers who want to sell while they are looking for a new home. Time and trust missing, no idea which real estate agency you should contact, LD Home Solution is your answer. As we know the market perfectly we are able to help you both to find as well as to sell. Maybe your home can be the perfect choice for one of our customers. However, you will keep the same contact person that will greatly facilitate the purchase and resale. In order to avoid setbacks related to a financial bridge loan, we rank and synchronize the priorities so you will have the opportunity to optimize both transactions.