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Your LD Home agency also supports you in the management of your building (co-ownership).

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A follow-up of the Co-ownership

  • Establish and keep up to date the list of all co-owners and the lots belonging to them
  • Provide for the conservation, care and maintenance of the building
  • To enforce the rules of co-ownership

Administrative and financial management of the Condominium

  • Keep the accounts of your co-ownership
  • Manage providers and staff employed by the union
  • Manage building insurance

Management of General Meetings

  • Convene and organize General Assemblies
  • Vote the items on the minutes of the General Assembly with the collaboration of the Conseil Syndical
  • Execute the deliberations of the Assembly
Facade building

We offer you :


  • Answer within 24 hours


  • 24/24 -7/7 access to the documents of the Co-ownership
  • Our rates are known in advance
  • We look for solutions to lower your monthly expenses


  • Our full-time technical team takes care of your home
  • Our minutes are detailed
  • We are part of the GSPL (Groupement des Syndics Professionnels du Luxembourg)


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