Home Staging

What’s “Home Staging” ?


Did you know that a buyer makes his opinion of the property he is visiting the 90 first seconds ?
And that 90% of people are unable to project themselves into a home which is not well placed


Figures are relevant : (studies by FNAIM, France)
  • Following a Home Staging service the sale period falls to 19.5 days against 127 days without it.
  • The average negotiation price decreased from 11.42% to 3.24% after a performance of Home Staging
  • In 2005, a property enhanced by a Home Stager was sold 2 times faster. In 2007, it sold 5 times faster.
  • About 2000 real estate agents surveyed, over 90% of them recommend the use of Home Staging.


Translated by « Mise en scène immobilière » and called in french « Valorisation immobilière », « Home Staging », was created in 1972 by Barb Swartz in USA. It is a set of specific marketing techniques consisting by enhanced a property to sell it faster and to the best possible price.

Contrary to Home Interior Design which focus on adapting home decoration to your tastes and way of life, Home Staging is a marketing tool which aims to give a neutral and pleasant atmosphere. All this by using creativity to control the budget and in order to appeal most of potential buyers.

When a property is for too long present on the market, the first reaction of a private or a business person is to do a price cut.
Did you know that the cost of our services is always less expensive than the amount of the initial negotiation or a price drop ?
Home staging will not help you earning money, but you will lose less while selling faster.

With the real estate market slowdown in Luxembourg and Greater Region, we have to put all chances for a peace of mind selling .

2 Home Staging examples :












What we propose :
  • Package 1 Advices :

Diagnostic visit
Illustrated report with detailed advices (materials references, paintings and furniture to be used)


  • Package 2 Full realisation :

Works (painting, floors..)
Storage / Space reorganization
Recovery / maximum use of the resources already present (furniture painting)
Room furnishings / textiles: Collection from shop + Freight + Setting up


  • A la carte :

Photos of the property following Home Staging
Writing of the sale offer