Rental Investment


Rental management of your patrimony

You own one or several properties in Luxembourg. You plan to sale or rent it/them ?
Trust a Professional to manage your patrimony. Maybe your home can be the perfect choice for one of our customer.

Trust us :

  • To enhance your property by Interior Design advices plus the execution of works if necessary
  • To find and preselect some reliable tenant(s)
  • To manage the moving in and moving out inspections
  • To offer you a guarantee against unpaid rent
  • For contentious tracking
  • To protect your interests at the ‘Assemblées générales’
  • To help you for tax

Sometimes we correlate owners going on expatriation and expatriates in Luxembourg.
This activity allows us:

  • To possibly answer to a connected demand of one our targets ;
  • To expand the housing supply that we offer to our clients, executives or expatriates mutated to Luxembourg.